Big news!

You've probably seen the #fit4gencon movement if you follow geeky folks on Twitter. We use it when we're talking about our healthstyle - eating better, working out, etc.

But there were folks who felt left out.

They said, "I don't/can't go to GenCon, but I want to be a part of this super cool idea!"


The +5 CHA Community!

Check out our (very) new digs at plus5CHA, where we have our very own, 100% private members-only forum for geeks looking to get fit.

+5CHA is for you if...

+5CHA is NOT for you if...


Choose your own hashtags when talking about your healthstyle and/or fitness goals or if you want to share a post on the forum with fellow members you know on Twitter.

We Want You!

A forum is only as good as its members, so we want you! Come on in and chat with us. Bring your geeky friends.

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